Ep 28: Birgitta Visser: Turning Fear into Courage through Light Language Healing

eft healing modalities reiki Oct 04, 2023
Debbie Weiss
Ep 28: Birgitta Visser: Turning Fear into Courage through Light Language Healing

What happens when trauma meets a fierce desire to reclaim power? Our guest, Birgitta Visser, knows all too well and has used her own experiences to evolve from a victim of abuse, loss, and fear into a beacon of healing and empowerment. Now a renowned light empowerment coach, divine channel, and light language healer, Birgitta has an inspiring story to share. 

We explore the world of healing and personal growth with Birgitta, who firmly believes in the power of Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to overcome fear and trauma. But it's not all about spiritual practices and high-level concepts; we take a down-to-earth approach as we discuss the importance of decluttering our physical and mental spaces to make room for clarity, focus, and transformation. Birgitta's journey is one of conquering personal demons and turning wounds into wisdom, a testament to human resilience.

Birgitta's passion for light language healing radiates in every word she shares. She reveals how this technique can clear negative energy, amplify personal power, and lead to quick progress and change. If you're on a journey of healing, empowerment, and personal growth, Birgitta's insights could be a game-changer. Prepare to be inspired and learn how to tap into your power as we share an enlightening conversation with Birgitta Visser.

Birgitta Visser is the author of the book, BE-com-ing Authentically Me. She is a soul empowerment coach, divine channel and Light Language healer. Being Dutch, she is a bit of a bike messenger between the here and there, delivering messages from the many Master Teachers integral to helping elevate the consciousness of humanity and the planet. She has often stumbled through the darkness of her own trauma, but throughout her turbulent journey of overcoming, she decided to take the holistic route, walking through her highway of hell, facing her many inner demons, that had kept her painfully incarcerated for the longest time. Birgitta hopes that people will awaken to what life is all about, unlocking their own potential and BE-com-ing authentically and wholesome within themselves.

She says, "There is nothing that cannot be overcome, for what we think, we create and thus manifest within our own lives. At any given point, you have the power to change, to heal and to overcome. We have been given the breath of life, don't squander it living merely on the surface of who you believe yourself to be, remaining within your own trauma, but deep dive int

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