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On second thought...

Maybe I can!

A Book written by Debbie Weiss

After a life of prioritizing everyone else’s needs and opinions other than her own, Debbie realized at the age of 50 that this was her one and only life. She didn’t want to look back years from now with regret for the things she had never done. She stopped saying “I can’t” and replaced it with “Maybe I can”.

She began by no longer viewing herself as a victim of her circumstances. She stopped allowing her struggles to define her. Recently, she became a widow and feels even more empowered to share her message. She has written her memoir illustrating that regardless of your limiting beliefs of life’s circumstances, we all have the power to change our lives.

Debbie bravely shares her very personal story with audiences in order to inspire them and highlight that they are not alone. Life is hard, but that doesn’t mean you cannot live the life of your dreams. Debbie is now doing just that!


"I really want to encourage you to read her book. It's really delightfully written."

"It made me smile a lot and it will teach you a lot of lessons and inspire and motivate you to tackle the things that are stopping you from getting where you want to go."

~ Jack Canfield, Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series.

"Maybe I can..." Podcast

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Ep. 53: Journey from Self-Doubt to Empowerment with Lucy Liu

Nov 29, 2023

Morning Sprinkles of Goodness: Journal Prompts to create more Joy & Happiness in your life!

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I’m Debbie

I am a wife, mother, author and speaker who's learned that you can live your best life regardless of your circumstances.

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Hearts make me happy!


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