Ep 58: The Benefits of Learning a New Hobby or Skill

Jan 03, 2024

When life threw me its harshest curveball, I discovered a strength I never knew I had. 

Writing my memoir and learning how to knit became my lifeline as I navigated the heartache of my husband's terminal cancer diagnosis. In this episode,  I share how channeling our pain into creativity can build unexpected sanctuaries amidst life's storms. I let you in on the intimate details of how new hobbies not only provided a much-needed escape but also paved the way for unforeseen personal growth. It's an emotional recount of finding light in the darkest of times, and an invitation to listeners to uncover their own silver linings.

Whether you're looking to enhance your career, enrich your personal life, or navigate the chaos of your current circumstances, this discussion is a testament to the beauty of beginning anew and the importance of perseverance. 

Join me as we explore the profound satisfaction that comes from conquering the unfamiliar and the joys of self-discovery along the way.

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