Ep. 61: Embracing Your Divine Design: Overcoming Self-Doubt and Celebrating Self-Worth

Jan 24, 2024

Have you ever faced a moment where self-doubt nearly shattered your dreams?

Dr. Denise Moore-Revel, an inspiring author and book coach, joins me in a heart-to-heart discussion about how she broke through the 'I can't' barrier and emerged as a beacon of empowerment. Through her captivating story, we uncover the revelations that led her to recognize her 'Divine Design' and how this newfound understanding propelled her to help others find their voice, craft their narratives, and embrace their unique brilliance without reservation.

The journey to self-recognition and owning one's worth is often riddled with societal pressures and the internal battle with the fear of appearing arrogant. In this heartfelt exchange, Dr. Denise and I share our personal experiences and the freeing sensation of celebrating our past triumphs. 

Join us in this transformative conversation that promises to leave you enlightened, inspired, and ready to step into your power.

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