Ep. 71: A Sprinkle of Belief: Overcoming Self-Doubt

Apr 09, 2024

Welcome back to "Maybe I Can!" This episode, we're tackling the tough topic of limiting beliefs—those sneaky thoughts that whisper we're not enough. We all have them, rooted in our past, telling us we're not capable, smart, or deserving.

I'll share my own story of battling these beliefs, from feeling unworthy to recognizing they're just stories I've been telling myself. It's been a journey of understanding that our brains have the power to change, allowing us to rewrite our narratives towards growth and possibility.

We'll dive into how to identify these limiting beliefs and the practical steps to challenge them. I've learned to catch myself in moments of doubt and shift towards thoughts that empower and encourage action.

If you've ever felt stuck by thoughts of not having enough time, being too old, or simply not being enough, this episode is for you. Let's move from "I can't" to "I can!"

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