The Butterfly Effect: How Today's Choices Shape Your Future Life

awareness butterfly effect destiny dream big dreams making choices Apr 11, 2023

Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect? 🦋


It's the idea that small, seemingly insignificant actions can have significant consequences down the line. This concept is especially relevant when it comes to the choices we make. Every decision we make, from the most mundane to the most important, has the potential to influence our future. It's crucial to recognize that the choices we make today can dictate what our lives will look like tomorrow, and take steps to ensure we're making the best decisions for our future selves.


The average adult makes approximately 35,000 choices in a day. I find it hard to believe but if you think about all the small choices we need to make it seems plausible.


Should I hit the snooze button?

Should I tie my left shoe first or my right?

What should I wear?

What should I eat?

Should I let that person in who is trying to merge into my lane?

Should I call my mother?

Should I go to the gym?

Should I buy that cute top?


It seems like every minute of the day we are making a choice and most seem inconsequential.


How will it impact my life if I stay in bed for 10 more minutes or spend the money on an inexpensive impulse purchase? 


You might not feel any impact immediately but each decision adds up and causes a ripple effect which can steer our lives in a different direction. The life you are living in this moment is based on all the decisions you made in the past. 


I challenge you to honestly examine different areas of your life such as health, career and relationships. How would your current outcomes vary if you had made different decisions? What if you had taken a different class in high school or college that sparked your interest? Would it have led to a different career? What if I hadn’t spent the money on those streaming services? What if I hadn’t gone to that party where I met my partner?


You get the idea.


It’s imperative that we truly pay attention and be thoughtful when making decisions, especially since many of them happen subconsciously.


With each decision, whether big or small, ask yourself if this is helping you become the future version of yourself you want to be?


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